Shindong needs to fire his stylist

Poor Shindong has gone through many radical hairstyles over the past few months but nothing has prepared me for the following disaster.


Dr. TOP says NO NO NO to smoking

On KBS Inkigayo Big Bang joined the ranks of stars promoting a smoke free life.

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2PM is coordinated

New boyband 2PM strives to be unique. Unfortunately their unique fashion makes my eyes bleed.

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Super Junior M set to release new MV

Early pictures from Super Junior M‘s new music video, θΏ· (Me), were leaked ages ago but now more images and an official announcement has been released.

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Heechul is a proud father

Despite previous statements that he doesn’t feel comfortable around kids it’s hard to deny the enthusiam Super Junior‘s Heechul has when around them. SBS’s pilot for their new show Johasuh is set to air at 11am on the 14th of September.

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U-kiss is lazy

Didn’t their first music video debut only a short while ago? Are they pulling a Big Bang by releasing two music videos relatively close to themselves? U-kiss‘ second music video, a cover of Backstreet Boys hit song As Long As You Love Me, is one of the laziest music video’s I’ve ever seen.

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Shindong sticks to his diet

Previously Super Junior’s lovable member Shindong revealed that he was planning on losing weight and had lost up to 10kg. I can’t be the only one that’s noticed he’s continued to lose weight.

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