KBS TV Director found guilty

One of the biggest ways for stars to get their names out there is to appear on variety shows. They offer fans and casual TV watches alike a chance to get to know them and an oppurtunity to promote themselves. Competition is tough for spots on variety shows, public exposure can make or break a newbie to the entertainment industry, especially with well known stars paying their way onto the shows.

46 year old Lee Yong Yoo works for popular TV channel KBS as a TV director and was recently found guilty of accepting bribes in order to favour certain artists on his shows. He was arrested and found to have taken up to 200 million won (around $200 000) in bribes from popular entertainment agencies. The shows are hits, even among non-Korean speaking fans, such as Vitamin and Star Golden Bell and some of the agencies in question manage top stars like Rain and Hyori.

Reportedly there are around 40 other TV directors that are under investigation.

The Korean Herald


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