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Shindong needs to fire his stylist

Poor Shindong has gone through many radical hairstyles over the past few months but nothing has prepared me for the following disaster.


2PM is coordinated

New boyband 2PM strives to be unique. Unfortunately their unique fashion makes my eyes bleed.

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G-Dragon is too fashionable

Ripped denim is perfectly okay here and there. G-Dragon’s perviously been spotted wearing ripped up pants in yet again a bold fashion move. But this time…?

Sometimes less is more.

Hyungjoon, what are you wearing?

Another k-popper, another dubious fashion choice.

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Taeyang has a drug problem

Or at least another Big Bang wardrobe malfunction. I think it’s about time they hired someone fluent in English that can go over their clothes before going on stage. I don’t know if Korean netizens will pick up on this funny but I do know that English speaking Big Bang fans are having a good laugh over this shirt.

The shirt in question is an Elena Gallen design titled OH MY COKE: KATE MOSS FAN. Will I be buying this shirt in the future? Yes.

Noonas are all the rage

G-Dragon’s model friend Lee Soo Hyuk has been spotted recently with popular actress Kim Min Hee who has gained much attention for her roll in Hellcats (aka Some Like It Hot).

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