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Heechul is a proud father

Despite previous statements that he doesn’t feel comfortable around kids it’s hard to deny the enthusiam Super Junior‘s Heechul has when around them. SBS’s pilot for their new show Johasuh is set to air at 11am on the 14th of September.

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Lettuce couple strikes again

Hwang Bo and Hyunjoong are showing their playful side in the new episodes of MBC’s hit We Got Married. The make believe couple recently hit their 100th day of marriage and celebrated with a fun wedding photo shoot.

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KBS TV Director found guilty

One of the biggest ways for stars to get their names out there is to appear on variety shows. They offer fans and casual TV watches alike a chance to get to know them and an oppurtunity to promote themselves. Competition is tough for spots on variety shows, public exposure can make or break a newbie to the entertainment industry, especially with well known stars paying their way onto the shows.

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