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Dr. TOP says NO NO NO to smoking

On KBS Inkigayo Big Bang joined the ranks of stars promoting a smoke free life.

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G-Dragon is too fashionable

Ripped denim is perfectly okay here and there. G-Dragon’s perviously been spotted wearing ripped up pants in yet again a bold fashion move. But this time…?

Sometimes less is more.

DISCO part 2

I’m more inclined to call G-Dragon’s collaboration with Uhm Jung Hwa a part 1.5.

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Taeyang has a drug problem

Or at least another Big Bang wardrobe malfunction. I think it’s about time they hired someone fluent in English that can go over their clothes before going on stage. I don’t know if Korean netizens will pick up on this funny but I do know that English speaking Big Bang fans are having a good laugh over this shirt.

The shirt in question is an Elena Gallen design titled OH MY COKE: KATE MOSS FAN. Will I be buying this shirt in the future? Yes.

G-Dragon, does he want too much attention?

Lately people have been wondering if Big Bang’s fashionista leader G-Dragon is getting too much attention compared to the other members. Since their mini album Stand Up’s debut G-Dragon seems to be hogging the limelight.

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Day After Day, Big Bang does it again

If you found the music video for Big Band’s newest hit, 하루 하루 (Day After Day), a bit too much plot for you they’ve released part 2. There’s nothing new, they’ve simply re-edited existing footage, cutting out G-Dragon and his fag hag in order to add more shots of the other members.

And here I was hoping for G-Dragon and TOP to unleash their sexual tension everyone spotted in the first version.

At least there are some cute behind the scenes bloopers at the end.

Netizens question G-Dragon’s fashion choice

The internet has exploded with praise and criticism alike in regards to G-Dragon’s shirt that he wore during MNet’s 20’s Choice Awards. The shirt in question is a John Galliano design with mock buttons printed onto the front.

“I ♥sex”, “fear the queer”, “fuck you too”, and “disco bitch” are some of the wonderful phrases that appear on his shirt.

It’s hard to tell if this is an honest mistake on G-Dragon’s part, perhaps he just didn’t know (though that seems unlikely) or he’s making a profound statement that only he understands. But my guess is that he’s simply a designer whore that we know and love.

Though I’m more worried about his fuzzy hat and questionable use of eyeliner.